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Nashville Distillery Tours

Visit the birthplace of Jack Daniel's.

Discover the City on a Redneck Bus

For whiskey lovers, the south is a dream destination. Distilleries have been popping up all over Nashville in the past decade, making it an exciting place both to discover small-batch spirits and visit the birthplace of one of the biggest names in whiskey — Jack Daniel’s.

And it’s not just about whiskey. You can also find great varieties of gin, honey liqueur, moonshine, and more. Taste your way through the best Tennessee spirits on a Nashville distillery tour!


Taste Historic and Innovative Spirits

For decades, Tennessee was home to just a few distilleries, including the iconic Jack Daniel’s. After the liquor laws around the state changed in 2009, Nashville saw an explosion of exciting new family-run distilleries, building on the legacies of the region’s past and starting new traditions. A distillery tour is a great way to learn about Nashville’s history and get a taste of the spirits the locals love.

If you’re looking to discover small-batch spirits from emerging businesses, a distillery tour around the city is the best way to visit a variety of spots and meet local distillers along the way. For a traditional whiskey adventure, enjoy a tour to the historic Jack Daniel’s distillery, where you can tour the grounds, learn about the distilling process, and of course, enjoy a tasting right in the belly of a barrel house. Better yet, get the best of both worlds by enjoying both experiences!

Take a look at our Nashville distillery tours and book yours online today.

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