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Gatlinburg Distillery Tours

Sample Tennessee Moonshine & Spirits

Learn About This One-of-a-Kind Drink

When in Gatlinburg, do as the locals do – drink Tennessee moonshine! This once taboo beverage has a fascinating history in the Smoky Mountains.

Visit Gatlinburg distilleries to learn about this one-of-a-kind drink, see how it’s produced, and of course, sample a few unique flavors like apple pie and maple bacon. Find a variety of other spirits to try like rye whiskey, gin, and wine on a Gatlinburg distillery tour.


Visit the best Distilleries in the Gatlinburg Area

Gatlinburg may be a small town, but it sure loves its moonshine. No trip to the area could be complete without sampling this unique beverage, which was only ruled legal to produce in Tennessee in 2009. This once illicit liquid is now a staple in Gatlinburg tourism, with a handful of incredible distilleries offering creative concoctions and wild flavors like peanut butter and jelly and root beer float. Some of the distilleries are a hub for local entertainment, making them the perfect place to meet up with friends, enjoy a drink and listen to live music.

For a more comprehensive look at the history of moonshine and modern-day production in Tennessee, don’t miss a chance to take a Gatlinburg distillery tour and learn all about this once-outlawed drink. Topics include all the crazy nicknames for moonshine (white lightning, anyone?) and famous moonshiner residents. In addition to moonshine, sample Tennessee wine, see inside a wine cellar and learn about the rich soil and sweet grapes of Sevier County.

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