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The Best Things to do in Nashville, Tennessee


You have made it to music city and now you need to figure out what you are getting into first. While there are practically an unlimited number of cool things to do in Nashville. All activities are not created equal and there are a few absolutely must see things in Nashville that you just don’t wanna miss.

See the Country Music Hall of Fame

a large clock hanging off the side of a building

Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, the Country Music Hall of Fame boasts 350,000 square feet of museum, gallery, and archives all dedicated to the preservation of country music history. The museum’s main exhibit Sing Me Back Home: A Journey Through Country Music takes you down the incredible journey of country legends from Marty Robbins to Dolly Parton. You will walk away from the Country Music Hall of Fame with a deeper appreciation for your favorite country artists, their music, and their history.

Eat Some Fried Chicken

a close up of a sandwich on a plate

Nothing is more emblematic of Nashville cuisine than hot chicken. Known for its crispy fried exterior and its sweet and spicy pepper paste this dish is not messing around. The best place to get hot chicken in Nashville is the famous Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack. This local institution has done a lot of the heavy lifting popularizing Nashville hot chicken since they opened almost 80 years ago. If you are looking for the best restaurant in Nashville, this is one you cannot miss.

Go Out on the Town

a store front at night

If you want to get down to some killer live music from up and coming talent in Nashville, there are plenty of big over the top bars and honky tonks on broadway. That said, if you head a block over to Winners Bar and Grill and Losers Bar and Grill, you will find cheaper drinks and a more intimate concert experience. Make sure to stop by if you want to find the best dive bars in Nashville. If you want to find even more of Nashville’s best kept secrets join a guided pub crawl.

Take a Day Trip to Lynchburg

a close up of a barrel

Music city has its share of incredible distilleries but there is no way to get an authentic Tennessee whiskey experience without riding out to Lynchburg. Touring the Jack Daniels distillery is an awesome experience for whiskey lovers. Learn the history of the first registered distillery in America and try some incredible whiskeys. You can even opt into a Jack and Friends tour and try even more whiskeys and spirits from local Nashville distilleries.

Jam Out at the Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is a weekly country music concert that has been going strong since the 20’s, in fact it is also the oldest radio program still broadcasting. The Opry’s regular performers include a cast of the most famous names in country music from legends like ”Whispering Bill” Anderson to modern stars like Luke Combs. Catching a Grand Ole Opry show on Saturday is an absolutely must do thing in Nashville, TN.

Tour the National Museum of African American Music

It’s easy to miss the importance of African American music’s impact on just about everything we listen to today. Thankfully this brand new museum is here to transform your appreciation of American music. While not yet as popular as some of the other great attractions on this list, this museum is truly something to behold. The whole museum is designed to be a highly immersive experience and uses RFID technology to allow you to easily save playlists, video, and more as you browse. So you can keep learning about African American music history well after you’ve left the museum.

Go Hog Wild on a Tractor Ride

Cruise down Broadway riding on the back of a tractor-pulled party wagon. This crazy tour of Nashville brings the farm-party vibes into the big city. Take a public tour and meet new people, learn to line dance, and drink plenty of beer or take a private tour and bring up to 35 people along on your rolling party tractor. There is nothing quite like turning it up in the back of a tractor in the middle of downtown Nashville.

Where to Start

No matter what activities you plan to do in Nashville, Tennessee you can find them all here. Get a head start on your planning and book today. We have thrown a few easy-to-book experiences below if you do not know where to start. Make sure to book in advance as many of these awesome activities sell out early.